Over the course of an entire night’s sleep, many people struggle to get comfortable. There are a variety of reasons that this could be true, but one of the top reasons is that they are sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. Everyone has a different way, or ways, that they prefer to sleep. Some may be more comfortable solely on their back, while others may like to sleep on their side, and then there are the rare few that sleep best on their stomach. Any of these sleep methods are much harder to achieve if you are using the wrong kind of mattress.

This may surprise you, but different kinds of mattresses are created specifically for the different ways that people sleep. If these struggles of falling asleep sound like you, it is probably time to consider a new mattress that will offer you maximum comfort while sleeping in your preferred method. Now that you are using the Mattress Gurus, you will never have to struggle while buying a new mattress again. We are the local mattress store experts and can help you find your perfect mattress.

Tips while shopping for a side sleeper mattress

Many people find sleeping on their side to be the most comfortable position by far. While this may be true, it can also be the most complicated and dangerous sleeping method. When you sleep on your side, your hips, shoulders, neck, and spine may be under extra pressure as opposed to sleeping on your back or stomach. Each sleeping position has its drawbacks, but side sleeping may have more than others. By taking these factors into account, here are some things that you should look for when searching for a mattress for a side sleeper.

Look for medium firmness

Regardless of if you love sleeping on your side on a soft mattress or a very firm mattress, you should consider choosing a mattress that is perfectly in the middle. Medium firmness is the best option for side sleepers because it allows your joints to be supported while you enjoy a mattress that should still be both soft and firm enough for your liking. Medium firmness conforms to your body much better than a firm mattress will, and it will leave you feeling less pain when you wake up. It will not conform too much like a soft mattress will and you are less likely to have knee and back pain from the lack of support.

Test the mattress before you buy it

You may think that you can simply order the perfect mattress for side sleepers online, but that usually is not the case. The best advice we have for testing a mattress is going into a store you would like to purchase from. This is important for side sleepers so you know if your desired firmness will result in better sleep.

If you are unsure of which stores offer the mattresses you are interested in, visit our Find A Store section. You can also shop by brand and type on our homepage, or use our Mattress Selector tool to get more insight. Taking some time out of your day and trying a mattress rather than rushing into an unconfirmed decision could save you plenty of time and money if you have to return a mattress you bought online.

Consider what materials are in the mattress

Since medium firmness is the best option for side sleepers, you really need to consider what your potential mattress is made of. Experts at health.com say that memory foam should be present in your mattress due to its incredible support of your body structure. Other options including gel or latex could work for your body while on your side, but it is best to test these options out in-store before purchasing.

Best side sleeper mattresses

We are finally at the moment you have been waiting for. These are the best mattresses for side sleepers; ones that will keep your body in line and support you during many great nights of sleep. Each mattress on this list is available through Mattress Gurus and our local partner stores. You can personally visit these stores and test these mattresses out in person before you buy.

Blue Fusion 3000 Ultra Plush

This luxurious medium-hybrid firmness mattress from Serta is perfect for side sleepers of all ages. The mattress features two layers of gel memory foam: the TempActiv layer as well as the EverCool Fuze layer. These gel memory foam layers conform to your body in a healthy way for maximum relaxation while sleeping on your side. You are also kept cool throughout the night due to advanced temperature regulation technology. Consider this mattress as you are shopping for your next great night’s sleep!

Intellibed Azure Mattress

The Intellibed Azure mattress is a revolution for side sleepers everywhere. Made with pocket coils that support good alignment as well as Intellibed’s patented Gel Matrix foam and another layer of latex foam, the Azure provides exceptional comfort every night. Back support is a key benefit here; your back pain will be nonexistent after sleeping on this wonderful mattress. Find more information on the Intellibed Azure at the link.

Sealy Posturepedic Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Plush

As a part of the Sealy Premium Collection, this mattress offers next-level support due to Sealy’s own Posturepedic Technology. The technology promotes deep and relaxing sleep while using enhanced cover technologies. Your body’s alignment while sleeping on your side will be supported fully for a wonderful night of sleep. Learn more about the Sealy Posturepedic Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Plush at the link and shop at a local mattress store to try it out!

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProAdapt Soft Mattress

At Tempur-Pedic, each mattress is crafted with only the best and most advanced pressure-relieving materials. The Tempur-ProAdapt is no exception to this point. Featuring Tempur-APR material, this mattress will support your side sleeping body position and keep you comfortable and supported all night long. Visit one of our local mattress store partners to try out a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Prepare to be wowed and walk away with your very own Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProAdapt Soft Mattress.