When you are looking into buying a new mattress, you may begin to get overwhelmed. There are so many options out there with terminology that may be confusing if you have not shopped for a mattress in a while. The industry is always changing, especially with new technologies popping up and being included in different mattresses. If this is you while searching for a mattress, here is what you can do: take a look at some mattress reviews. However, trusting mattress reviews may be a different story.

As with many products you may consider buying, mattress reviews are very common. This is because a mattress is something that everyone needs, because where else would you sleep? We all need a mattress because we spend about 1/3 of our life sleeping. But as you continue reading through the many reviews that you will find; you may begin wondering: is trusting mattress reviews a good idea? Here are some tips on if you should trust mattress reviews as you are considering different options.

Trusting mattress reviews do’s and don’ts

DON’T purchase without looking at reviews

In the age of the internet, you should at least attempt to use it when you are getting ready for a big purchase. There is so much information out there that you are bound to find something that will help you on your buying journey. Luckily for you as a review seeker, there are plenty of websites out there. You can look at reviews on mattress store websites, or you can go with one of the many sleep review sites. In 2021, purchasing a mattress without both looking at online reviews and testing the mattress out in person is asking for a big mistake. Be sure to do both of these so that you get the best fit possible.

DO read reviews from multiple sites

As you start out on your mattress buying adventure, we recommend looking up any mattresses you are interested in. Look them up and then visit multiple review websites. It is important to consider the opinions of multiple people from various sites because some websites have the ability to choose which reviews are displayed and discard others. This could make the mattress you are considering look extremely enticing on one website, but then possibly negative on another website. Mattress shopping can already be stressful enough and you do not need this extra confusion.

DON’T only use the manufacturer’s site

As in most industries, you can find many mattresses directly on the manufacturer’s websites. You can also find mattress reviews on these websites. But that does not mean that trusting mattress reviews from these websites is a good idea. In fact, most mattress manufacturer websites choose the best reviews to feature and simply discard the negative ones. This is a common occurrence that is meant to push you to purchase directly from them. We recommend looking for local mattress stores and seeing if they have your desired mattress available. By purchasing from a local mattress store, you will be keeping money in your community as well!

DO make your own decision

After you have consulted at least a few different review websites, it is best to consider everything you learned and make your own decision. This is especially because you could read an overwhelmingly positive review on one website and then an extremely negative review on another site. While you should consider these reviews and take them for what they are worth, you should not base your entire opinion around them.

The beauty of these review websites is that while you can take the many opinions into consideration, it is up to you to actually visit the mattress store and try them out for yourself. Trusting mattress reviews is one thing but letting them dictate exactly which mattress you purchase is another. Each person is unique and has their own sleep needs, so we recommend visiting a mattress store rather than buying online in order to get the perfect fit.