It’s time to purchase a new mattress, we have all been there. You go online and start researching. You ask your friends what mattress they have. You’ve gathered all the information you can, and you are ready to purchase. Now what? What is the best way to purchase a new mattress after you’ve made your decision? With so many different purchasing options available to choose from, this can be the hardest part of the mattress buying journey.

Let’s start off with the short answer: the best place to purchase a mattress is at a brick and mortar store location rather than online. The reasoning for this is simple: comfort is subjective, especially when it comes to what you’ll be sleeping on every night. Your friends may love their mattress and recommend it highly, but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable to you. You could order their mattress recommendation from an online store and absolutely hate it because you didn’t try it out before purchasing it.

Visiting a mattress store in person will allow you to experience the mattress you THINK is the right one before you buy it. After laying on it, you may decide it’s not the right mattress after all. You won’t know this until much later if you purchase online. You’ll have to go through the hassle of opening a mattress, setting it up, trying it out for a few nights, and then sending it back when it likely doesn’t work for you. You’ll repeat this process many times before you realize that going to a mattress store in the first place would have been the better choice.

But which store is the right one for you, a huge chain company with many locations or a smaller local business? Shopping at a local mattress store is the best option as your money goes back into your community. With so many local mattress stores out there, choosing the right one is a little subjective as well. This guide will help you figure out which local mattress store is the best for you to purchase from in order to get the best rest possible every night.

Find stores that have the mattress you think you want to purchase

This one seems a little obvious but can still be a little daunting if you have to navigate through 30 different websites to find which stores carry the mattress you want. Here is a pro tip (and a shameless plug): use The Mattress Gurus to find the store location of the mattress you want to lay on. Every mattress product page has a map of where you can purchase that mattress and they’re all located directly in your community!

Read online reviews!

Online reviews are a great way to find out how others feel about the local store that you are considering purchasing from. Sorting by negative reviews is a good tip if you want to see how the mattress store reacts to negative feedback. This can be an important indicator of the quality of customer service that they provide. No business can please everyone that enters their doors, but they can always work on improving. Look for a sincere apology as a key indicator of the type of people that work at the store. Taking ownership of a problem and actively working to fix it is a sign of a local business that you should consider purchasing from.

Read up on the store’s exchange/return policy

No matter how much research you do or how much you like the mattress in the store, there is still a chance that the mattress is not right for you after you spend a few nights in it. The best local stores have a great exchange policy, sometimes as much as 180 days. If they offer one, it will be located on their website. Be sure to choose a store with an exchange policy if you are uncertain if you’ll enjoy a new mattress right away. While you are browsing for the mattress you are interested in on Mattress Gurus, read all of the information on the product page. The page will have links to the local mattress store’s website where you can find more information on their return and exchange policies.

Visit the store before purchasing

After finding the store that has the correct mattress, reading reviews of the store, and reading up on their exchange/return policy, it is time to visit the store in person. Call this a “scouting trip” if you will, but it will give you a good idea of how the store’s employees treat you and how helpful they are. This should be your final test before purchasing so pay close attention to the points above while considering if you should purchase from them. If everything seems right and you are comfortable with the store, it is time to purchase your brand-new mattress!

The Mattress Gurus: Helping you find the perfect mattress

Now that you know a little more about the Mattress Gurus and how we help you find your perfect mattress from a local mattress store; it is time to take action and drastically improve your nightly sleep. Use the menu at the top of the page to choose your preferred brand, firmness option, and find the local mattress store of your choice. If you are having trouble deciding which mattress to go with, or are a new shopper that doesn’t know what they like yet, fill out the form in “Mattress Selector” for some helpful guidance and tips. Nightly comfort and improved rest are only a few clicks away with The Mattress Gurus.