As humans, we are similar to others in many ways and yet different in some very important ways. One of the most common ways we are different from other people is how we prefer to sleep at night. Sleep positions heavily vary for each person and can have a huge effect on how impactful our sleep is. Even after you find your favorite sleep position, there are still other factors that can influence how well you rest every night. Possibly the most prominent of these features is the type of mattress you sleep on, as well as the quality of your mattress.

Out of the three most common sleep positions, back, side, and stomach, side sleeping is the most common at 74% of people. Stomach sleepers come in at 16% and back sleepers at 10%, courtesy of the National Sleep Survey. Recently, we have focused on the best mattresses for back sleepers and side sleepers, but now it is time to focus on the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. You may consider stomach sleepers strange and wonder how they can sleep like that, but they need love too. Here are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers! You can find each of these mattresses on our website.

Best mattresses for stomach sleepers

Each mattress included in this guide is available from various Mattress Gurus partner stores! We believe in giving you the best options out there, so we have included many different brands in this post. Please visit the “shop by brand” section at the top of our website if you want more information on each mattress.

Sleeptronic Edge 6000 13” Firm

The Edge 6000 13” Firm is an incredible mattress from Sleeptronic! It comes in firm and is perfect for someone who sleeps on their stomach. A firm mattress is perfect for someone who sleeps on their stomach because it prevents strain on the neck and spine that is common on soft mattresses. This sleep position on a mattress that is too soft may cause much more neck and back pain and leave you unhappy throughout the day. The Edge 6000 uses quantum coils from Leggett and Platt, which adds conformity and flexibility for better overall sleep. You can order this wonderful mattress directly through our site, so don’t waste any time and order now!

Serta Blue Fusion 100

Look no further than the Serta Blue Fusion 100 if you are looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers. This exceptional mattress combineds TempActiv gel memory foam with support foam for a firm feel. Even though it has a firm feel, the Blue Fusion 100 is breathable and has gentle cushioning for your body. There is also a coil system for extra support, which is ideal for stomach sleepers in order to keep their spines aligned correctly. The mattress cover is created with high performance fabric that prevents heat and moisture from disrupting your sleep. Check this mattress out today!

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProAdapt Firm

It goes without saying that Tempur-Pedic makes some of the best sleep products on the market. Thankfully, the Tempur-ProAdapt Firm is no exception. This mattress contains the most advanced pressure-relieving materials ever created in order to give you a deep and relaxing sleep. This firm option is great for stomach sleepers because it provides exceptional back and spine support while also helping you recharge for the next day. It also comes with the Tempur-APR material that provides additional support for your body.

Intellibed Sapphire

If you are not aware of Intellibed’s amazing products, now is the time to learn about them. Intellibed utilizes their own Gel Matrix technology that makes their beds both 100% firm and 100% soft at the same time. The mattress also contains latex for extra support as well as individually wrapped coils for motion control. You can toss and turn, switch positions, and get out of bed without ever disturbing your partner. The Intellibed Sapphire is without a doubt one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. Consider it today as you are making your sleep decision!

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These are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers period. If you want to get on the path to better sleep every night, browse these options as well as the others available on our site. We have participating stores in various locations and you can also purchase online. Learn more about our mattresses in the menu at the top of the screen and be sure to fill out “Mattress Selector” if you need help finding the perfect fit.